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Paintless Dent Removal

After an accident or scratch paintless dent repair (PDR) provides an efficient and convenient way of restoring your vehicle to its former pristine nature.

What is PDR?

PDR is a cutting edge technology that fixes the car dents without the need of altering the manufacturers painting job. It’s a cost effective means of serving small to medium-sized dents.
If you’re still on the fence on the importance of the PDR, take a look at the top 6 benefits of the service to your car.

Benefits of PDR

•    Reduces repair time
PDR is a quick process compared to conventional dent repairing methods, as it uses limited procedures. For a start, it does not entail using body fillers, sanding or refillers. Dent pros only use specialized equipment to push the metal to its original state. Some of the dents that may take a week or two using the traditional methods can be worked within an hour or two, meaning that you get your car the very same day you brought it in.

•    Cost factor
Like any other body auto repair, the cost is of major concern.  Paintless Dent Repair is more of an intensive skill process; this is to imply that the car owner will only have to pay for the labor, and will not be subjected to other product related costs such as paints.

•    Restores your car
If you’re worried that the repainting job will alter on your car’s exterior outlook or you’re keen on significant alterations being done to your car, you’ll be glad to learn that the PDR process restores your car to its former look. PDR, unlike the traditional dent removal, does not involve the use of additional painting, ruling out incidences of color mismatching.

•    Retain your car value
Even if you are not fixated on keeping your car’s original paint, restoring your vehicle to its former state has plenty of benefits.  The benefits are particularly instrumental to individuals planning to resell their vehicle, since maintaining the original paint can immensely boost the car’s value. Aside from the original paint, the PDR keeps the dent damages at bay which improves the car’s resale value.

•   Efficient
You’ll not have to worry about the dents coming back. Unlike the traditional dent removal methods, PDR does not display any signs or occurrence of sand scratch marks in the same location as the original dent.

•   Environmental friendly
With no use of solvents or paints, paintless dent removal services do not lead to the release o toxic waste to the environment. The effectiveness of the PDR is contrary to some of the other dent removal services that hinge their operations on environmentally damaging chemicals.

Conducting a PDR is a smart move that will see motorist reap immense benefits

Paint and Dent Repair
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